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Posted on 6th August 2008 in podcasts

I was chatting to a friend yesterday and he was interested in the podcasts that I listen to. This isn’t the first time that I have introduced someone to programming podcasts, so I figured I would write up the ones that I listen to and what I think about them. I’ll start with a list of the shows and links to their websites. Then I will go through each one in a bit more detail where I can.

I started off listening to the PWOP podcasts by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell

Recently I have added

Other shows that I have listened to in the past and have lapsed on my subscriptions, purely as I forgot to subscribe again (rectified as of posting this).

New podcasts (at least new to me) that I have added, but not had time to listen to yet.

Other non techy podcasts that I subscribe to.

I also found that iTunes U has a load of interesting content from places such as MIT and Berkley.

Am I missing out on any really good .NET or Agile podcasts?

There is a lot of content there and not all of it is excellent, but most of it is good.
I am a bit behind on my podcasts due to finding out that iTunes has David Eddings audio books available. Over the past 2 months I have managed to listen to the entire unabridged series “The Belgariad” and am currently part way through the first book of “The Malloreon”. These are books that I read when I was younger and I am enjoying listening to them now in audio format, at around 14 hours a book, it is taking some time though.

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