Second (Actually 3rd) Post from Blogo

Posted on 9th July 2008 in blogging, dasBlog

The engine running this blog is DasBlog which does not appear on the list of supported systems for Blogo (FAQ), so I was expecting a few things not to work.

I am making a second third test post from Blogo. The first time I posted it seemed that there was a style added to the initial paragraph which caused my blog to look strange. This second third post is to confirm that it was in the markup sent from Blogo.

I was tempted not to post this as I could see from the preview that it was going to do the same thing. I decided to go ahead anyway, so that I had an example of the markup that it is sending and so that I could figure out how I can save drafts.

This part of the post was written after saving as a draft. Drafts are posted to DasBlog without publishing them. This is perfect for me, apart from one small problem when it comes to editing the saved draft. Well technically the editing of the draft is nice and simple. Blogo will let you list all of the posts on your blog and allow you to change the text. The intention is then of course to re-post to the blog and have the content altered.

On submitting the edited post I see this error.
I can only assume that something in the DasBlog editing system is not playing well with Blogo. I have emailed the authors of Blogo to let them know and to find out if there is any prospect of DasBlog support in the future.

Not being able to edit my posts from Blogo doesn’t completely rule it out right now as the application seems very nice to work with. It is the first one that I have tried on the Mac, so I will see how it stands up to the others that I use.

The old saying “You only miss it when its gone” applies to a feature that I didn’t realise I was using all that much in Windows Live Writer. Whilst trying to go back through this post and link up the various references that I could. I found that I was missing the way that Windows Live Writer handled links. Using the link glossary had obviously become something that I did without thought. So when trying to link up all instances of the word Blogo I found myself re-typing the informatin everytime, rather than selecting the information from a list, which is what I was used to.

A slight annoyance was that when trying to add links whilst going along, I found that I would select the word that I had just typed, add the details for the link, then carry on typing, it would still think that I was typing the link.

Something strange has just happened and I am not sure what the result of posting this is going to be now. I previewed my post to see what it would look like and it looks like it is not going to break the layout. Maybe it is because I have images in this post. More investigation is needed.

[edit:from DasBlog editor]Looks like there are no styles on the paragraphs this time. A little confusing. Also the images didn’t quite upload correctly. I was expecting them to be thumbnails linking to the full images.

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Congratulations, you’ve installed dasBlog!

Posted on 20th July 2005 in dasBlog

After logging in, be sure to visit all the options under Configuration in the Admin Menu Bar above. There are 26 themes to choose from, and you can also create your own.


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