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Posted on 17th July 2008 in blogging

Last week I posted about trying out Blogo, a blog authoring application for the Mac.

I contacted the support team at brainjuice explaining my problems, and mentioned that I missed the ability to have a link history/glossary.

A few hours later I received a reply. I found out that the issue I had with style on the

tags will be addressed in an upcoming release. They had added the inline styles to avoid float bugs on some weblog systems, when posting through Blogo.

The link typing problem is a known WebKit issue and is being worked on.
The auto-completion for links is on the list of features to be implemented.

They weren’t too sure about the issue that I as having with editing my posts and I said that I would try and get DasBlog setup locally to try and debug it.
I tried running DasBlog on my VM whilst connecting to it using Blogo. There were various issues caused by settings that I have never touched and basically I gave up trying to get them talking after about 30 minutes.

I left it at that, then 6 days later I received another email from the Blogo team informing me that they were working on the same issues with another DasBlog user. At least that proves that it wasn’t me doing something silly.

I look forward to seeing an update on this, as I have to say I love the interface of Blogo. It is clean and simple. Perfect for my not so often blogging on my little site here.

This is my first try at update with a new version of Blogo on 27th July.

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